Forms 12c Demo Logo

We offer you an Forms12c/Reports12c livedemo here. You have two options to start the demos. The first one is via a browser (IE11) and a JAVA Plugin. To use the browser version you need to install a JAVA runtime environment first. You can get this plugin directly from ORACLE at .

To start the demos with FSAL (Forms Standalone Launcher) you need the FSAL Windows JAR File Version

You can get this package from the page here. Get the package with the Jar-File a Splash screen and a start icon:
FRMSAL Windows (ZIP, 220 KB)

An example for a FSAL call could be:
start /min "Oracle Forms 12c Console" java.exe -jar -splash:splash.gif frmsal_12212.jar -url ""

The Oracle Forms12c Demo-Server is running under this specifications:
Server: Windows2012 R2
Providerlocation: Frankfurt/DE
HTML: mod_owa (Latency < 10ms)
Cloud Server: 2 processors 7 GB Memory
Apache 2.4.23, 64 Bit, VC11 (VER2012) 64 Bit
Forms and Reports Version
Reports with Blobdestination as Standaloneserver
Original ORACLE signed Jar Files (except timeout.jar in DEMO005)
https SSL certificate COMMODO Check: Grade A

The demoserver is officially licensed by an ORACLE demo-service addendum until 28.2.2018